2-Day Blues Dance Teacher Training
June 23-24, 2015 @ Mile High Blues

Two days of teacher training with hosts, Joe DeMers and Aimee Eddins, four nights of social dancing, and a two-day Blues dance workshop at Mile High Blues!

Blues dance instructors are always looking for new and more effective ways of teaching blues dance. Learn from professional teachers key traits in the Blues dance aesthetics and dance forms, how to properly develop blues dance lessons and exercises, to deliver those lessons with research-based instructional strategies, to manage a classroom, to apply and teach Frame Matching and ΔPTED in Blues dance connection, and to find support through an incredible network of dance instructors and peers.!

The Denver Instructor Training Camp is a preliminary training camp open to any advanced-level dancer or community leader looking to improve her or his instruction of Blues dance.

Stay in beautiful downtown Denver!.

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**Because this is a training on instruction, we're open to an advanced/master level dancer of another dance style training with us, since you bring your core set of knowledge to the training. Just email me.


To develop, recognize, reward, and recruit quality Blues dance instructors equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind required to effectively teach Blues dance. To advance student learning and achievement of Blues dance history, culture, music, movements, aesthetics, and connection with quality instruction.

Be a Guest Presenter

Plan on attending? Have an area of specialty in instructing Blues Dance? We want you!

We are looking for guest presenters to volunteer to teach a one-hour class during the camp. Contact us for questions.

Our Model
Teaching Model for Dance Instruction
Blues Dance Teacher offers three different program levels: preliminary, advanced, and professional. Each is tailored to raise your level of instruction. Trainings are structured in a eat, sleep, learn, dance setting to encourage intensive instruction and collaboration. Teach in a two-day workshop at the end of each camp. See our schedule!